Nothing New, the Normal Chaos

So, I have been MIA. Not because I wanted to this time. I have wanted to get on and make a few posts on some things I have been thinking on and that has been weighing heavily on my heart. Then, one of my little boys became sick. Not just a cold. It involved a trip to the ER, then a doctor appointment the next day which only gave us the answer of a respiratory virus (Personally, I am thinking the flu, but I’m not a doctor) which put him down for 5 days. The third day of his illness me and the littlest boy came down with it. Thankfully, there was no puking (I can’t handle the puke!!), but it laid me out for 4 days. I am juts able to sit up and keep my eyes open long enough to be on the computer and watch some tv. I am still coughing, have a slight fever, sneezing, and sore throat. My little guy is running around even though his eyes look so bad. Now it seems that my oldest boy has caught it, but we will see. My husband has been a trooper! He has made me pancakes so I will eat something, cuddled me when I was miserable and needed it, fed the kids, cleaned the house, ran around doing temperature checks, giving Motrin and Tylenol when needed, and even slept miserably to keep a watch on me and the little one.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, he also surprised me and bought him and myself new laptops!!! I love it, it is very nice! Two laptops do seem a bit much but with taxes, we were talking about him upgrading his desktop computer. While researching we found this awesome laptop with a great video card and getting 2 would be cheaper than upgrading his desktop. Also, it solves the problem of my broken laptop. Do you know how hard it is to go without a laptop after having one for a long time? Also sharing 1 desktop between me, the husband, and the kids?!! Needless to say, the hubby and I can be on at the same time and the desktop is free for the boys to use in turn and for school work. It all worked out nicely!!!

I also got the job I have been wanting and waiting for. I signed my paperwork, did the background check, and was only waiting for my employee id to come in when I got hit with this horrible virus. And who should call last night to say it’s in? That’s right, my new job! I am so upset but since I am working with kids, I have to make sure I am over this and not contagious. So, here is to a fast recovery!!!!

I hope all is well with you. I hope to be back more often and soon!


One thought on “Nothing New, the Normal Chaos

  1. I am so glad you’re conscious…I’ve been praying for you everyday, but I fully admit, I have not wanted to catch this. I feel I’ve had enough of sickness this year to last a lifetime… Anyway – I miss your face. ❤ you.

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