Daily Goings On

There has been so many times over the last few weeks that I wanted to write and post something. I would either get distracted or I would log in and just stare at the screen with a blank mind. Today, I just had to get one and write something. I decided I would just let you in on what our normal everday life has been the last couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago I began scouring the stores for school suppies. After a few days of nothing else but shopping, I aquired everything. Then, school started. My oldest was excited for it and glad to be around kids his age and make friends. My other one has been really quite, almost on the verge of tears, not one fell…, except for today (I think getting back to school after the weekend break made it the more difficult). Also, this morning my little one woke up with a tummy ache and proceeded to vomit at the breakfast table (what more could I want on a Monday morning?).

Last week, I started really pursueing and being contacted by schools for myself. I orginally put feelers out just to get ideas and decide when would be best for me to start. Everything feel so smoothly into place that this week, I go to sign up and get everything going for the start of the next term. I am both excited and nervous for this. I am also fighting guilt because I will have to have someone watch my litle one instead of me being home.

Among all those things we have had regular appointments, piano lessons, school meetings (which contonue this week) for various programs, upcoming boy scout meetings, hubby working 15 hour days (which thanksfully have stopped this week, or is suppose to), budget, paying bills, grocery shopping, and trying to aqueeze in family time. It’s exhausting!

I am currently on the couch with my little, typing on my new ipad (THANKS HONEY!), because oh yeah! My laptop died last week/week and a half. I am trying to navigate this new piece of technology.

I hope to post more and yet everytime I say that, something comes along or mothing comes to mind. I really love the feel of typing and putting my thoughts and words out there. I know I would have better chances of success if I stick to a theme or topics, but my life isn’t just one theme, it’s a crazy mess of different things going on all at the same time or one after another. I just like writing about those, my life, my experiences, and my thoughts (which are really crazy and out there sometimes). My goal is to find some way to attract people in and keep them interested without giving up the variety.

Well, I have to go cuddle my sick one. I hope your week started off well and only gets better! Till next time!


One thought on “Daily Goings On

  1. As long as you’re writing what you want, because you want to, you’re doing it right. 🙂 Praying the waters calm a little for you soon, and that you find a lovely groove!

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