Today I began helping my two oldest pack for an upcoming trip. This summer they will both spend a portion of the summer with their grandparents, for the first tome. They are both extremely excited for this opportunity. However, I am terrified, anxious, nervous, excited, and looking forward to it. As a parent, I feel horrible when I want and crave time away from my kids. I love them all so much and I feel like I am a bad mom when I get time away from them that I either do not enjoy it or I spend a few days after beating myself up for having fun away. As I have posted before, I read Parenting with Love & Logic and in the book, they said the best thing we can do for our kids is to take care of ourselves. But 20 years of an idea that you stop your life when you have children to take care of them, is a hard change that way of thinking. Knowing they will enjoy the time is the only thing keeping me from keeping them home. I have seriously discussed with my husband that we should get them dog tags with the address and phone numbers of us and both the grandparents, you may laugh…, but I’m serious!!! I have also expressed that we should get them a cell phone, not a plan but maybe a prepaid one. The fear driving these is the fact that I haven’t taught our children our address, phone numbers, how to use a phone, etc. The main reason I haven’t is because we moved less than a year ago so we have different numbers and address the other reason is I just plain ol’ forgot! Horrible, I know! I am frantic trying to teach them what they would need to know in the short time before they leave. So, the dog tags and/or phone would give them that information at any time they need it. I wish someone would tell me what I should do. I keep reminding myself that my husband and I were raised my these people and we are still alive today, I just hope they haven’t forgotten what it is like to keep tabs on children. :-).

The other first, I just scheduled to start my oldest two in piano lessons! This is something I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t had the chance. Music, though I do not know how to read it or listen and pick out tones and all, has always been a major part of my life. I love it! I have noticed some of the same tendencies in my oldest and I want to get him into it so he can know for sure if it is a passion of his so he can pursue it. My middle one is interested in the piano and I want him to be able to find out if it is something he really likes. Doing this for them makes me very anxious to get into and try all those things that have pulled at me but, I was never able to do because we couldn’t afford it. I am excited to offer this to my kids.

So, those are some of the firsts we are experiencing in our lives. It is exciting and scary all at the same time but I know we won’t regret trying them, even if we find we don’t prefer them.

What are some of the firsts you are attempting this summer and upcoming school year with your family? How do you feel about it? How do you handle your reservations on the new experience?


3 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. I’m wishing, very much, that we could afford to pay for plane tickets for our kids to head to Oregon earlier in July, and meet them there when we head out on vacation. I desperately want them to have time with their grandparents, but I didn’t plan it out very well this year.

    Firsts for us? Hmmmm…

    I also offered Lydia the opportunity to start piano. She’s ambivalent. She has a natural gift for singing, and I hope she wants to learn piano – it would open up so much for her. I won’t push her, though. Dain will be in kindergarten. It will be my last first day of school experience. It’s bittersweet. Also for the first time, we’ll be schooling through the summer, at least 2-3 days/week. We’ll see how that goes!

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