Essential Oils: Trying Something New

I have heard little things from a few friends about using essential oils for different things, such as peppermint oil for headaches and congestion, but I haven’t really delved into it. Basically it went in one ear and out the other. Recently a friend of a close friend moved here and so my friend, Tiffany invited me to a gathering her friend Kim was having to explain the oils. I became really intrigued. I talked with my husband that night and we decided we would give it a shot. We decided for the range of uses that it would be worth the start up to see if they work. I am usually skeptical about things like this so I like to try it for a while before I completely make up my mind.

Did you know that essential oils have different grades? That some in the stores, no matter how expensive, are not safe to ingest? This company of oils: Young Living Essential Oils are pretty much top of the line. You can ingest them, use them topically, diffuse them, use them on children, make your own things (toothpaste, cleaner, diaper rash cream, bug spray, and much more), put a few in your water, and even cook with them!

So, here I am at the very beginning of my trial and error with these oils. Thus far, I have had 3-4 opportunities to try. The first was with my 6 year old son. He has gotten migraines the last two years. Once she heard this, Kim gave me a sample of the M-Grain and it worked! I still want to try it a few more times to ensure that the oil actually helped and it wasn’t just a fluke but I have hope. The second time, my hubby had a sore throat and we used Thieves, he put 2 drops in 2 oz of water twice the one day and not only was it better that same day, it was completely gone the next! He was very happy and impressed. Next, my 3 year old woke up really runny, snotty, congested, sneezy, watery eyes; I wasn’t sure if it was a cold or allergies but, I rubbed 2 drops of Thieves on the bottom of each of his feet and rubbed it in clockwise and we was visibly better by lunch time plus he enjoyed the mini foot massage! The last time, my 6 year old woke up feeling really nauseous so I put a drop of Peppermint on his tongue and he was good!

Again, these are just the beginning and I am anxious to try some others and to make my own toothpaste and hand soap! I just wanted to share because not all essential oils are created equal and these are safe whereas the store bought ones are not safe in all uses nor do they work as well.

I will share more updates as I try new things with these!!! I hope you have a Happy Easter!!


2 thoughts on “Essential Oils: Trying Something New

  1. Awesome post! I was a bit skeptical myself at first and granted the Thieves oil tasted a bit clovery but it definitely worked.

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