Project Simplify 2012: Week 1

So, I made it through my first week/challenge of Project Simplify. It was a hard time to get going because I couldn’t decide what area to do but once I did it was fairly easy.

I went with the chosen hot spot which was kid stuff. I already did a major purge of my children’s things, that is I took away ALL of there toys, and yet they were able to make a mess out of nothing. We also moved my boys into a new room so the before pics are in the old room and the after pics are in their new room.

Here are my before pics:

Is the old room. As you can see there aren’t any toys just the dresser and bed.

This is the storage room where all toys were stored.

Those are the two before, they would be better pics if my children hadn’t lost the privilege of toys a few weeks before. But it was nice timing for setting them back up with said toys (just a smaller amount).

Here are the after pics:

this is in the new room. I bought a 3-drawer storage from Target and labeled one for each child. They then went through all the toys in storage and were only allowed to keep toys that fit/filled the drawer and ones they really wanted to keep, as long as the drawer closed.

The other side of the room. We put our small legos and lincoln logs in the blue drawers so we didn’t have so many different boxes and containers that were dumped out. Now they are able to take the drawer out to get to all of the pieces.

I can’t wait to begin work on the next hot spot, the kitchen, it needs the most work! See you next week!!


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