Project Simplify

I have been reading Tsh’s blog for a while now and every time she does project simplify I yearn to participate. I have had many obstacles that prevented me from participating in the past but, lucky me I can this year!!!

I almost let some frustrations and excuses stop me and after a brief (maybe a bit longer) moment of trepidation, I put my big girl panties on and I am determined to whip my areas into shape!!!! I have also been waiting for years to do this and I am being held accountable through the blog sphere. So, tune in each week sometime between Friday-Monday you can see what I did that week and my hope/thoughts for the next!

This week’s area is kid’s stuff. I am debating on using this challenge to move and set up my boys room (because I just cleaned out and went through all their toys), go through my hubby’s massive amounts of things (he can be counted as a kid too, right?), or pick another area all together as those without children will do. I guess I better get on the ball and pick so I can get to it!!!


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