Beginning A Journey

I didn’t know it at the time, but a year and a half ago I began one journey; my weight loss. Today, I realize I have officially began another journey. I am doing the certification for Pregnancy Fitness Educator. I am really excited about this. After 10 years of being a wife and mother and not really knowing what I want to do in life…., I finally have something for me. I can also share this with my family and friends and that has me excited!

I realized I wanted to do something in fitness and nutrition after I lost my weight. I originally leaned toward personal trainer, but with schedules, finances, and life at this moment; it wasn’t viable. My lovely friend Tiffany, who is a certified doula, told me about the certification. It was in the general field of what I wanted to do and fit within our limitations at this time. I am still wary about how good I will be at this and I am nervous that I won’t meet the expectations/requirements for the certification. I see, for now, that I am the only one putting those inhibitions on myself. Logically and the realty is if I do the reading, research, and requirements then I would be fully qualified and certified. I need to stop making up hurdles. Plenty of people can do this and have done this, I can to. I think alot of us self sabotage before we even get started.

I am proving to myself once again that what I thought impossible I can do and so can you!


One thought on “Beginning A Journey

  1. I’m so fricking proud of you, Sabrina. It IS hard to just try something, sometimes, so your courage is evident. You are intelligent and able. I’m so excited for you!

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