Story. This word sticks out to me in many ways. I love stories, I am an avid reader. If I am not reading, something is wrong….. seriously wrong. I love stories, getting lost in them, reading about someone’s life, giving myself over to imagining me in the character’s role. But lately I have become restless. I begin to itch for my own story.

We all have our own story and I’m sure there are many of you who feel the same as I do…., I just don’t feel like mine is much of a story. I get lost in the redundancy of daily life, chores, being a mother, and wife. I yearn for the thought of having it all shaken up and for my life to become “exciting”. However, I begin to remember the stories I’ve read, all of them have bad things happen and are put to the test when they deal with it, let’s be honest…, If that wasn’t the case it would be a boring story that (probably) no one would read. When I am completely honest with myself, I don’t want anything bad to happen to me, I like to think I would handle situations well, but I don’t really want to be in that position.

I want to share a recent realization. I am pretty big into exercising, through my weight loss I have found that I love high intensity stuff. I became bored with my routine and really wanted something more natural that put my body to the test but in a realistic way, like an obstacle course. Things that are set up for you to overcome and push your body and self through. I found that they really offer this to military that work out in the field, police, and fire departments would have this kind of fitness training. It isn’t something really offered to everyday people and housewives, like myself. Before I go any farther I want you to know that I recently heard of a new fitness class and program that fits this description and I am looking for one in my area, so yes I know and it’s fairly new but at the time of my feelings and thoughts for this post it was not heard of yet (I know, I know, I’m behind!). Ok back to what I was saying.

This feeling between “what is my story?” and the workout idea got me thinking why is all this appealing? So, I will share what I think is the reason. Think back before we had any of this modern technology…., way, way back, remember you read about it in school? Humans hunted for their living, they lived outside, they were nomads. Though, they wouldn’t know it, just living was an adventure. I mean really when was the last time you grabbed an bow and arrow or spear and took down a huge animal? Doesn’t that sound like fun? Like an adventure? Now move forward in time, just a bit. Now we are in the medieval era, people had to know how to fight to live. You never knew when some idiot was going to start something with you so, you had to be in shape and wield a sword, axe, or other various weapons. It sounds exciting!, right? I know there were the downsides of these times, I’m not an idiot. But things were happening, they weren’t lazy. If you wanted to eat, had had to work. If you wanted to live/survive you had to learn fighting and defense.

We are just plain lazy today. Lazy is safe. We can stay inside and read or play on the computer or video games and not be in immediate danger. However, we are killing ourselves. People go to extremes trying to get thrills. Other’s die because they are not active enough, eat processed things that aren’t good for your body, sit in front of the tv/computer/media whatever and waste away. Our children don’t know how to do and be active. I am not trying to lecture or go off on a rant because I am guilty of these things too, I’m NOT perfect. This is just a realization that hit me. I would like to end this with, we all are in charge of our life and story. We can change things, we really do have the power no matter what anyone says. We just lack the know how and motivation. I am by NO means a camping kind of girl but I get the urge to just challenge myself and do it because you never know what you would learn from that experience. Plus, people lived and survived that way for years! So, I probably could to, just need to educate myself a little and just DO it.

I encourage you to pick something either that you’ve been dying to try or something you think you could never do and do it! See what it feels like to know you accomplished something out of your comfort zone. It would be amazing!


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