Been Away

I never said I could keep up.., right? You had fair warning. However, I have missed you.

In the time that I have been MIA I have been struggling. I hate leaving this unfinished but I did not know where I wanted to go with this (blog). There are so many wonderful ideas but my life is so chaotic that I have a range of this I can write about and I think I prefer it that way. In my absence I have been homeschooling my children and reading….., reading all kinds of books that catch my attention. I throughly enjoy reading. Getting lost in a book, imagining myself as the character, experiencing the adventure and emotions. There really is no other way to do it. If you are one of those who say you can, I call shenanigans! I have also been getting back into a fitness regime (also helping a friend to kick start, what I hope to be, a wonderful weight loss and healthy journey). Through this time I have come to a realization that I enjoy working out, like REALLY enjoy it. I am going as far as to possibly become certified in personal training, diet, and nutrition. There are a few hurdles in the way right now but I think I might just do this. On that note, I also have a strong desire to pursue things that I am interested in, I will have to figure out how to afford it, but I hope to be successful. Which brings me to why I am blogging now, after so long.

One of my desires is to write. I get discouraged easily since the wonderful world wide web has made it so easy for anyone to put their stuff out there and so many people have a gift or ideas I have never thought of. I decided not to let that bother me or be an excuse anymore! I have this blog and I know I haven’t been consistent…, I get sidetracked easily…., SQUIRREL!!! Oh wait, where was I? See I told you! I think it would help for me to blog about my steps in trying out all the things that interest me and maybe together we can find what it is I am good at or really enjoy. Come on! It will be an adventure!!!! So what do you say…., are you with me? Oh, I almost forgot to let you know what things I am interested in:

*I want to learn to play the piano
*I am going through and reading/learning fitness and nutrition tips
*I want to learn how to write properly and grammatically correct
*I want to learn about a different culture/religion (ongoing, finish one move to another)
*I want to learn another language (completely)
*I want to read all classics
*I want to learn sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat (medieval martial arts stuff)
*I want to do tactical fitness, really intense bootcamp stuff, maybe a self-defense/fighting class(es)
*I want to learn photography enough that I can take fabulous pics for my family and maybe friends, but not to rely on it as income.

Those are the ones that interest me THE most, any others I may have forgotten but I will let you know if they resurface! Now all I have to do is decide which to begin with. What do you suggest? (Maybe I can combine two, a physical one with a book/mental one)


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