I hoped that I would be more consistent in this blog by now. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it, then I was hit with one thing after another.

We bought a house and waited for our household goods to be delivered. In that time we had a few unwanted visitors (my archenemies), ants. So we began to seal up the house a bit better and start treating the yard, while I was trying to deal with it and not let it take over. It seemed to work for a bit but they kept coming back outside so we checked into getting a professional to spray. So I could relax more. Turns out (to my luck) this summer they (ants) have been in overhaul all over, but this stuff it suppose to work and they will come back and treat it again if I need it, THANKFULLY!!

Aside from that, we just paid off our 2nd vehicle and the transmission needs to be replaced! REALLY?! Then we find out the company isn’t using that kind of transmission anymore and we need to replace the computer as well. Then our other car’s AC stops working and it’s FREAKING HOT! My family arrived a week later for a visit and mom helped me unpack most of the little stuff that was left, which helped alot. See the chaos just kept going.

Now we have two weeks til my in laws come to visit, I still have a yard sale to get ready for (because there is crap everywhere and I am tired of being bogged down with stuff), and I am still stressed to the max. I haven’t been able to relax and just chill since the move in April. Everything weighs more on me. That is why I haven’t been able to get on here. Today was the first day I could sift through the mess and put together something somewhat decent.

So, I leave with the hopes that I can start to keep up with this blog like I want to. Have a wonderful day!


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