What am I blogging for?

What is my blog about?
Who do I wish to reach through my blog?
What message do I wish to convey?

These questions and more have ran through my mind lately. I have struggled to find my niche, something I am good at that is also something I love to do. Writing would be AMAZING! I have an urge to also try photography and cake making/decorating. It seems that everyone and their mom are into those things as well. In this age, the internet give so much opportunity and you can find all kinds of things quickly it is also discouraging. Every time I log onto facebook there are more pages of photography (and they are good) and the many photos and links to beautifully made cakes; that is just from my small friends list, so I can imagine when you take the whole world into account! So overwhelming.

I started thinking about the name of my blog, My Private Getaway, and how that would factor into where I want to go with the blog. I didn’t come up with much. While browsing through books at the local Goodwill, it hit me: Why don’t I use my blog for the things I am interested in and I do on a daily basis? The name would explain it as well, My Private Getaway, those things I do on a daily basis are my “getaway” (so to speak). I read, I try new recipes, finding new things to do, and exercising.

So, that’s what I am going to do with this blog. I will write about a book I just read and put up my review of it. I will put up recipes I have tried and liked, to share with you. I can do those things and not have to fight to find something worth blogging about. I feel confidant in this new revelation. I hope I can capture your interest and keep you coming back for more.

Is there anything particular you are searching for? Were you able to find your answers? If so, how?


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