It’s Just One of Those….

I would like to say it’s one of those days…, but lately it seems to be ongoing. At first it was a day, then a week, then two weeks, but it hasn’t stopped. I am moody, aggravated, upset, tired, and completely drained. I try to look forward to something going on everyday. I go so far as planning activities to do with the kids but it all goes out the window. Either the boys are fighting or I am yelling at them to pick up the messes they have decided to make. I can’t continue to let everything be this way. I HATE fighting and yelling at my kids to do what they are suppose to do (I do expect some days like this but really, and ongoing two and a half weeks?). I end every conflict in tears, I don’t know what to do!!!

On top of all the struggles with the boys I am having delving into a more vegetarian/vegan diet. There is so much information out there, stuff I never knew. It’s amazing. I am not sure how I am going to completely change my way of thinking about food, yet again. The first was last year when I worked out and started eating better, that was difficult, this is a whole new level. To add to that level, I am struggling to fit in some exercise and honestly, I’ve become lazy at home. I am fighting with the psychological aspect of working out, eating better, but not losing anymore weight. Though I know I am healthy, it’s still an adjustment.


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