Where to Begin

Where to begin….

After my last post, I was pumped! Excited to break out my camera and get to it! But, life had other plans.

On Sunday, we received a call that my sister-in-law had rolled her vehicle by drunk driving. Lucky enough, no one was with her and no one (including herself) was hurt. Some relief.

Come Tuesday, I found out that my mother is getting a divorce. My step-father was in jail (on drug charges). My families’ life has been turned upside down, this came out of left field!

Everyday has been a catch up. I am trying to figure out my exercise routines again along with my own struggles with weight/self esteem issues ( I know! NOTHING compared to what my family is going through, but not a walk in the park either.). While keeping up with all my son’s schedules and homeschool. Then, the first night I allowed myself to take a rest and cuddle up with my two year old while my hubby took our two older boys’ to karate. To my dismay, that very night, they received their very first stripes! I missed it!! I felt so angry with myself. I don’t deserve to ignore things and get a break while there are things to be done….., look what I missed when I allowed it! Although, I have to say snuggling up with my baby was a wonderful way to spend the evening.

Showing off their stripes!

I could only think of getting on her and letting it all out. Thinking about writing/blogging it out had so much allure, I couldn’t resist anymore. I hope this post isn’t depressing to you. I only wanted to share what has been going on and haven’t had much time to organize my thoughts to make a grammatically stunning post (the ones I hope to eventually put out) but I hope you do get some entertainment from reading it or peace in knowing that we all have bad days and weeks; but those little things like a stunning-blonde-two-year-old-excited-to-cuddle-with-you, shine a light on a dark day. Then all off a sudden the down pour goes away and your rainbow is seen.

What little things do you take enjoyment in when bad times hit?


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