Jealousy and Pictures

I am envious. I try so much to stifle the feeling, I succeed most of the time, but there are those few times that it just overcomes me. What can I possibly be referring to? (Cause lets face it sometimes you have more than one thing, right?) I am referring, at the time, to photography. I love taking pictures, I enjoy the thrill of looking through the pictures and finding the ones that are good enough to be considered almost professional. It gives me hope that I can do this! Then I go home and get distracted by my everyday wife and motherly duties that it doesn’t hit me that I should make time for taking photos until I see some of my friends post their pictures. Can you guess what happens next? That’s right, the jealousy kicks in. How come I can’t take pictures like that? Why don’t I find people to pose for me? Why haven’t I grabbed my camera and venture out to take in the beauty of my surroundings? Honestly, It’s all my fault. I don’t make the time. I don’t seek out people to pose for me so I can learn. I also haven’t learned the ins and outs of my camera to be able to take appropriate pictures. So, what do I do with this? Do I sulk and let the envy take over each and every time I see someone’s amazing pictures? Do, I whine and complain about my lack of focus and motivation? Not anymore! I have decided that I am going to own up to my laziness and get going. The best way I learn is by doing, so I make myself do!!!

A friend of mine, Tiffany, who has blogged for years (more consistently than myself) has turned me onto some amazing blogs. I am addicted to reading them and I have found a few on photography, my favorite by Darcy at My 3 Boybarians: 31 Days to a Better Photo . So, I am going to get my blog reading in while learning some techniques for taking pictures! I am excited, now I just need to do! Here I go! Wish me luck!

What thing(s) have you always wanted to do or get better at, that you have put off?


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