My Gus Gus Turned 4

Granted this is a little late, but better late than never!

My Gus Gus has had his 4th birthday! I can’t believe how much time has passed already! It seems like just yesterday he was the baby I brought home from the hospital. Now he is ready to start pre-school! I am so proud of him. Gus Gus has been one to keep us on our toes, whether by doing something out of nowhere or saying a true statement at a time you are not expecting it! My husband and I have laughed so hard so many times, though I am saddened that I cannot recollect most of those remarks. Gus Gus is our artist and a perfectionist in that. I hope I can do right by him and give him the support and confidence to pursue everything he would like to accomplish (within reason, of course). I know that is every parents wish, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Now, enough of that sappy-ish stuff and onto the events of said birthday.

At the request of birthday boy, I cooked him his choice dinner. Care to guess? Shrimp! Expensive taste already. I saute some with scallops and then fried others, we had so much shrimp! But it was oh so good! Gus Gus picked out a confetti cake mix and cream cheese icing (thats my boy! Chocolate cake is at EVERYONE’S birthday and I am proud that Gus Gus dared to be different!). I made cupcakes, which if I do say so myself, where mighty scrumptious. As my newly turned 4 year-old took a bite, I smashed the cupcake in his face. He had icing all over (see pic below). While I thought it was cute/funny Gus Gus, however was impressed. After cleaning him up, he delighted in finishing his cupcake.

Now, it is time for PRESENTS!!! Gus Gus and his older brother, Roo have started requesting G.I Joes and so, Gus Gus racked up in the action figures! Gus Gus also got puzzles, Bakugan, and Hulk toys. He was a very happy boy! I am glad he enjoyed his birthday!! Enjoy the pics!


2 thoughts on “My Gus Gus Turned 4

  1. I’m not looking at ANY MORE PICTURES. I will sit and cry.

    Happy birthday to my favoritest Gus Gus in the whole wide universe! I wish I could have been there…with presents. 😦

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