A 3 year old boy + candle = this

I like candles. I have a few that I can burn and have my house smelling good. I also have a coffee table (finally), so I take advantage that I actually have a surface I can put one. Yes, I know I do have children, mine have been well schooled to not touch them, I haven’t had any problems with it until, the other day!

I had my pomegranate candle burning on my coffee table. It was great, I had the fruity smell wafting through my living room. Roo was at school, Little E was in the floor playing, and Gus Gus was around, most likely downstairs watching cartoons. I was doing the dishes, finishing up after lunch. Once I was done I got myself all ready to sit for a few minutes and read. I walked into the living room and saw:

Yes, that is my wick dipper upright in what was a burning candle!!!! Gus Gus had come up and did this oh so quietly!!!! I thought about getting mad but stopped myself and decided to relish in this moment of what little boys can and will do, especially since there wasn’t a big mess :). By now Little E was fussing, time to nurse and then a nap! I then discovered that the wick dipper wasn’t the only thing Gus Gus did!

That is candle wax on Little E!!!! I just had to giggle!!! A little inconvenient but funny nonetheless! I just had to share!!! Hoped you got a giggle as well as a gasp or two!


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