The Two Bs

After having a horrendous night and lack of sleep (because of a killer headache), I packed lunches for Roo and my Hubby, fed the boys breakfast, and sent Roo off to school. Just like any day right? My day continued fine as well, laundry, dishes, and so forth. Then Roo comes home from school.

My 5 year old comes home to tell me he has a surprise for me. I think, maybe he made another card like he did last week. Well, for some of you who do not know what a kinder egg is, they are milk and white chocolate eggs that come with a “prize” inside (can be a puzzle, a toy you have to put together, a card, or a figurine). The plastic part that hold the “prize” Roo has kept for some reason or another. My surprise was in this.

Roo proceeds to tell me what it is, before I have a chance to look for myself. I don’t believe him. He tries then to say that it is for Daddy, you know to save his gift, because only by the look on my face does he know I am NOT happy or ok with what is in the container. I take it from him. I have to know if he told the truth. He has. Inside is a bug, not just any bug but, a…….. um……. an………, ANT!!!!!! (hence the 2 Bs: Boys and Bugs)

I flip!!!! I.DO.NOT.LIKE.ANTS. I mean bugs are bugs, ok! I have had a traumatic I’ll admit stupid, but traumatic for me incident with ants and that is why I single them and only them out! I HATE them! I am still trying to get over it but even after 3 almost 4 years after they send me into a panic attack and cleaning frenzy! I mean I feel nauseous, my heart speeds up and I have to try very hard not to cry, I even have cried while cleaning. Not too go into it too much but to give you an idea of how it affected me! There is so much more to it, though my point wasn’t to detail how much of a freak I am or why. I just though I could share a boy moment with you. (My husband said that, I TOTALLY disagree!!) I was expecting frogs? yes. Snakes? yes. Lizards? another yes. But never had I even imagined that it would be an ant. It should tell you something there that I would rather deal with a snake than an ant, that’s how bad my issue is! My husband has compared me and my problem to Hitler (me being him)!!!!

Ok, sorry for a bit of a tangent, just needed to get it off my chest!!

So, what do you think of that? What is the oddest thing you have a phobia of or for?


One thought on “The Two Bs

  1. I’m really really sorry to have to tell you this…but I giggled. Then I slapped myself, and appreciated your horror.

    I don’t have any particularly weird phobias, BUT, I can share an incident that freaked me out in that heart-pumping way. We have an overabundance of moths this year, and we have to take one down almost every night in the house. No biggie, right? Just an annoyance.


    About a week ago, a HUGE moth got in. I tried to slap it out of the air with the fly swatter, with no success. So, I handed it over to Levi to give it a try. He hit it RIGHT INTO MY FACE!!!

    I almost lost it…


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