Ok, so I know I am bad at this!

I always think having a blog would be fun and great!! I mean I have a friend who has one and she keeps family and long distance friends (like myself) updated, she also posts these intellectual advice and experience. I want to do that as well! I want to post something that touches someone or gives them a laugh. I also figured that with 3 boys, I would have plenty to write about, so far that isn’t the case.

I now you need to update quite frequently so no one loses interest (I’m not even sure anyone reads this). I really haven’t had much going on. I have been taking my eldest 2 to their t-ball and rookie ball, but I can’t write about every time we go because it’s the same. I also have been feeling lonely and blah because of issues with friends and supposed ones so, if I write about that all the time I’m just a downer. Honestly who wants to read about that all the time, right?

I want you to know that I haven’t forgotton or been too busy to blog, I just haven’t had much to tell. Sure there are all the little things but I am not gifted enough to make them into an adventurous cute post. So, stick with me and I hope to get the hang of this a bit better.


One thought on “Ok, so I know I am bad at this!

  1. I READ IT!!! 😀

    The biggest thing I’ve learned is NOT to try and write something that doesn’t come naturally. For example…I’m only funny by accident, so I don’t write a humor blog. 🙂

    Just write when you feel like it. It might help to keep notepads and pens everywhere, so if something pops into your head…write it down.

    Or…a lot of my hubby’s cousins just post a few pictures with captions. And that’s enough. Whatever makes you happy.


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