Pumping, Editing, Creating, and More

I know I haven’t updated in awhile but I have been busy and exhausted, HONEST!!!! So, let me catch you up, here are my excuses: I have been pumping like crazy for about a week and a half, I stopped Jenny Craig because my milk supply was dropping and I couldn’t get it to stay so, I had to stop.  My days went something like this:

wake up, feed Roo and Gus Gus, make Roo’s lunch, get him on the bus, eat my breakfast, pump, clean kitchen, little E wakes up, feed him, put little E to bed, pump some more, shower, eat, feed little E…………, etc, etc, etc.

I hated to stop, I felt like a quitter, but my mommy instinct told me to concentrate on my baby, in 3-4 months he will be fully on solids and have milk, then I can wean (if needed) and start Jenny Craig and not have all that stress! SO to keep my sanity, thats what I’m gonna do! (I am happy that I did drop about 4 pounds and one size!)

Once I could breathe relief, I had a friend ask me to help her write and edit a fanfic of Twilight. I didn’t mind and figured, why not? It’s her story I would just suggest things here and there and be her support, right? WRONG!!!! I have been reading and proof-reading and trying to fit some stuff in the story for her, it’s crazy!!!! I mean I would absolutely LOVE to write a story, but I know I have been out of practice with my grammar and punctuation for far too long to even try it! If I do write I want to have a refresher course and know that I know what I am doing.

Roo started rookie ball (baseball) and Gus Gus started T-ball. We went to their first practice(s) this week. They are excited! Next week they have their first games!! Her are some pics of Gus Gus at T-ball practice while Daddy and Roo practiced on the sidelines!

David and I finally had a date night. We just went to see a movie (since little E is nursing). It was fun!!! We went to see Star Trek. I have never seen anything having to do with Star Trek before, so I had no expectations, I liked it!!!

Oh, I have been working on my mother’s Mother’s Day gift (YES, I know it’s late!!). I wanted it to be very special and of course being side tracked with everything else has put it off. But, I have it almost finished and I am sending it off this week, I just hope she likes it, we will see though :). I am 99.9% sure that she will cry and she hates crying. But it will be \because it was good not bad :).

Those are my excuses hopefully you understand. Though with all that going on I still feel so disconnected. I feel like everyone has so much that they are doing and involved in. All the while I am just stuck, left behind. I actually feel like I am not really wanted, that I am just being “put up with” because I do not have the self restraint to leave everyone alone. I mean, I get lonely and so I call my friends and family and of course they are busy and so I feel like a nuisance. I can’t even entertain myself and leave them alone to live their lives. I mean I try and do for my kids but when it comes time for me, I have nothing and no one. Part of the blame goes to the military, I mean they are intent on keeping you far away from all those you get close to (I know not for real, I am just bumming, so go with me ;P).  I am also a very impatient person. I want to visit my friends (who are mainly on the west coast), I could save up and plan to go, make sure David has the leave, but no, not me. I want it and I want it right NOW! I really wish I could hope a plane anytime to see them!

I didn’t mean to end on such a downer. Anyway, life sucks at some points so get over it!, Right? Anyway, to all those people, I miss you (if you couldn’t tell already!)


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