I’ve Come to Realize…,

My last post I mentioned that I rely on technology to much. Part of this is that I am quite a people person, I love being in touch with everyone and being in the know. I was thinking on this and while I was watching a movie (I know weird time for something to be brought to light) it dawned on me that I haven’t written an actual letter in, I don’t know how long. I have also let many things get in the way of alot that I use to. I was always prepared for birthdays; even if we couldn’t afford a gift, I always sent a card. Well, already I have missed my Dad’s, I was not prepared for Mother’s Day, my sister-in-law’s birthday wasn’t prepared for either. I feel like I have let them down! I have a bit of catching up to do.

I decided to promise myself that when I get some down time or those moments when I am dying to talk to someone or do something, I will instead start writing letters and emails to those friends that are far away but still in my thoughts. I am so lucky to have a variety of so many people that love me for me and are still my friends no matter what has come our way, I know I love ALL of them for their differences that make them so intriguing to have met them and definitely keeps me on my toes!! I love you all!!!!

Okay, so I didn’t mean to get all sappy and lovey dovey. But if anything I hope to remind you of all those people that you have their addresses, emails, or even on your Facebook and MySpace that you know them and befriended them for some reason or another; we all like to be reminded that we matter. Just sending an email to say I was thinking of you and remember when…….? Would make that person’s day! Appreciate everyone in your life!!! They are there for a reason whether you know why or haven’t figured it out yet.


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