Over the past couple of days I have come to realize that people can rely too much on things being the TV, internet, or whatever.

I am saying this because it is sad but true, our recent debacle with the internet has brought this to light. I miss talking to friends and family. I mean how crazy is it when you want to talk to a friend but it would be rude to call at a bad time, since you couldn’t send an email first to see if they are busy!!! It feels that way sometime, how crazy is that? Also, it decide to quit when I needed to buy birthday gifts, talk about inconvenient. I finished a book I was reading and and I really cleaned my living room, even wiped down the wall!!!!

Okay, enough griping, I have been battling clutter for a few weeks, I am trying to get that all organized. I need to go through my pics as well and order the ones I need and get started on catching up on my scrapbooking.

I also told you about my starting Jenny Craig, well, I was super excited but I also have been freaking out. I have noticed that my milk supply has dropped a good bit so, I was trying to decide if I should keep on with the program or stop. After talking to my friend who is studying to become a midwife, Tiffany and a consultant and we decided that I could continue with the program and try a few ways to try and build up my supply again. I am going to try it for 2 more weeks and if all goes well I will stay on till I reach my goal and if not, I will quit until E is weaned.

Well that is pretty much all that is going on! You are now updated :).


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