My April!

Well, I know it has been awhile since I posted, sorry. I am now going to bring you up to date :), well try!

We obviously celebrated Easter, it was fun and went by so quickly! I also took  Roo’s beautiful hair and decided to trim it and well it took on a process and he now looks like Aang from the Avatar cartoons! I cried! But his hair grows back quickly.\

I had an accident with my van and we had the whole deal wanting to get it back from getting fixed! So, I was stranded; yes I was stuck at home and should have had no problem posting, but nothing really happened except getting on each other’s nerves :).

I also threw a Twilight birthday party for my friend. That was fun cause I had to do all ideas from scratch (well sorta)! I also bought the Twilight Saga for another friend for her birthday because she hasn’t read them yet and so I figured I would give her a push ;D.

My little E turned 6 months old in April! He is growing TOO fast! He also rolled over the following week and started eating baby cereal!

I signed Roo and Gus Gus up for Rookie and T-ball! They start later this month!

I started Jenny Craig, I gained 60 pounds with Roo, lost 30 with Gus Gus and happened to stay the same after E. So I talked with hubby while I was pregnant with E and we decided that once he was born and I was done recovering I can spend the “extra” money it would take to do something to lose the weight! I have only been on it for a 9 days so, here’s hoping!!!! I am trying really hard and am skeptical that I might just fail so, I haven’t really let anyone know. I decided that the more people who know, the more likely I am to stick to it because they are watching.

Ok, I believe that brings us up to date! Oh, and here are a few pics!!!


3 thoughts on “My April!

  1. I cannot wait to read the saga girl!!! I am hoping for some amazing summer reading 🙂 🙂 🙂

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