A “Sticky” Situation

My first day back on “normal” routine after Spring Break was not quite that normal!!

I was up and getting Roo ready for school, his lunch, and making sure we didn’t miss the bus after a week of not having to worry about it! I was highly surprised in the fact that I received absolutely no whining from my 5 year old (which was not the norm!).  Roo and I had some nice conversation. I was listening to some music and Roo breaks out into his version of “High School Musical” from HSM3, which was so cute!!!

Then he asked, “Does Twilight have songs?” (meaning of course, the actors sing like they do in the High School Musicals)

“Well, Twilight has songs on a CD that go to the movie, but they do not sing in the movie.” I said.

In the middle of this nice little conversation, Gus Gus, my 3 year old comes to me and says “Mom, what is this in my hair?” as I looked at him, this is what I had seen:


Yes, that is what you think…, GUM!!!!!

Daddy didn’t check to make sure Gus Gus disposed of it properly before bed. We found it, though!! In the midst of  waiting for the bus, I was hurrying around trying to find scissors, which were nowhere to be found. All the while Gus Gus following me:

“PLEASE DON”T CUT MY HAIR OFF!!!”, “IT WILL HURT!” (and yes it is in caps because he was screaming it).

Needless to say, Roo made his bus. I finally found a pair of scissors, after a failed attempt with a kitchen knife (What did you expect?! I couldn’t find the scissors!!). All was right again by 8:00 a.m. Minus a little hair missing from Gus Gus. Whew!!! What a way to welcome back the week!!!!


One thought on “A “Sticky” Situation

  1. ROFL!

    You know peanut butter will get gum out of hair, right? I know, because my mom had to do it to me once. 🙂

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