Well, who would think that in a house with 3 active boys one could get lonely? Well, that’s just how I feel.

I mean, I have friends to hang out with and talk to  and they are great!!! But, I have a few friends that I have made years ago, that are more like family (with the added fact that you have lots in common and they are your age, I guess more like twins!!) Anyway, lately, I have missed them like crazy!!!! I miss the support, confidence, understanding, and cheering on they give (and I would hope receive from me as well). For example, my littlest one has been fussy and clingy (possibly from his immunizations or just a growth spurt, who knows). Well lately, for reason’s that will stay unmentioned,   I have felt my children in some of their whiny moments an annoyance instead of what they might possibly need. While with E (my little one’s name for now), I have been “encouraged” to feel like it’s a hassle that he is fussy and extra needy, blah blah blah; my wonderful friend that I oh so miss would be understanding and say that he just needs mommy loves and he isn’t feeling that good, just words of the right kind of encouragement and understanding, not him being a nuisance. I know this isn’t very interesting but, if you have or had what I am talking about, you totally understand. I just needed to vent out some feeling and frustration. The fact that I can’t go next door or down the road to hang out with her is very sad for me. I am one who tends to thrive in more positive environment and wish my children to feel like they are loved and respected for who they are and I have not been giving that to them lately.

I just am trying to figure where and when I let it all go wrong. I also, just needed to put that out there, if I share my feelings and frustrations I can better examine and look at them instead of holding them all in. I will make next post more positive and not as whiny! Thanks for listening!


3 thoughts on “Lonely-ish

  1. BB! your great with your kids and i dont think you should worry yourself, be sure to give the bigger ones love too though! i wish i could write like you. you write so smooth and have direction. i just babble.

    i looooove you sissy.
    i miss you too!!!
    -aunt lela

  2. Hey chika!!! Found your new blog… forgot to paste the RSS in my google reader right away. As for all those negative “life haters” out there, just tune them out. I like making my inner circle full of people that make me want to be a better me and kick the rest out the door and down the street into the outer circle… lol!!! OK I’m not sure that made sense and yes you are totally part of my inner circle :). Here is a blog of an awesome woman that has lots of positive mommy ideas and also speaks the truth… (I read it and I’m not even a mom). http://whittakerwoman.typepad.com/whittaker_woman/

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